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WeData stemmed from MethodOmics, a 10-year company with a deep knowledge of the healthcare sector, to build privacy-oriented solutions for the analysis of complex data. As a member of the NaonedIA consortium, we firmly believe in ethical and human-centered artifical intelligence solutions to tackle medical challenges.

Our startup stands at the crossroads of expertise in data analysis, product development and business intelligence.

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Advanced anonymization of sensitive data

We have developed a software dedicated to unlock and profit from personal data without compromising privacy and value for further analyses.

Architecture of data projects to solve complex data challenges

Building on the founders experience in consulting for over 10 years, we provide plans to design and deploy solutions for scientific issues.

Our collaborations

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SOS Médecins
We rework the complete data pipeline, from the collection of medical data to the production of a monitoring and predicting tool for physicians. This project involves extensive data management to handle more than 3 million medical records per year throughout France.
CHU de Nantes
We deploy our avatarization algorithm on large-scale medical data. CHU de Nantes is interested in our solution to ensure privacy of patient data and quality retention for medical research.

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